Wednesday, March 24, 2010



  1. Ah, so women don't wear dresses any more!

  2. once there was a photo - a photo I saw and thought: wow, that is a true typcial Sean. That is what I love most about Sean's photography: people, immersed in themselves, absorbed in thoughts and dreams, going from here to there.
    It's gone.

  3. No dresses Julie!

    Martina: I know... sorry. I couldnt get it right in my mind. I posted it, then decided I didnt like it, then re-posted it and after doing it so many times the resolution became worse so eventually put this one on.

    I will post the other one tomorrow... it will be back!

  4. i still wear dresses, i find them much more comfortable... weird not to see one girl in a skirt or dress... nice shot tho!!!