Saturday, August 8, 2009



  1. That's not the same man as on Friday's post by any chance. Were you following him around?

    There is a good story in this photo - something wistful about an old man looking at old photographic equipment. Memories of captured memories.

  2. Hm, one of the tourists in the photo before? Seems like he is wearing a camera belt - perhaps even with an analog slr attached to it? Wondering where time went ...
    I see something like a stuffed bear in the window's reflection, what's this? It's creepy. It is watching the man ...

  3. I simply saw the boy in the man: the boy who used to look at electric cars knowing he could not afford one. The hand is very affecting: you and I realise he is holding onto the railing because he is old and frail. However, the little boy within him is holding on through eagerness. The reflection is not that of a bear: it it he child wanting to be let free.

  4. Boy, can I relate to this one. I've been busy buying up old film cameras and other gear, just working away at my little experimentation's!

    In that me looking in that window!

    Nah...he's a lot younger than I am!

  5. That's one for me. Can't resist old kit; got my eye on a Kiev rangefinder with 50/1.8 Helios lens. Just might have to buy it this week.

  6. I can feel the envy ! It reminds me that picture :

  7. Now this photo makes me feel old - I like those things - my old cameras - my portable Soviet photo lab. I like the digital pics though - no mess and always a chance to save a disastrous photo :)

  8. Eamon... no not the same person... good try though although now you have made me think that I should post a follow up to this guy as I do have one...:)

    The reflection is his shadow and Julie I agree 100%... what I thought too.

    Jacob... really? But you write so neatly!!!!

    Ellie - a photograph please ?

    Martina... it is a little creepy but dont look too deeply into this one:)

    John.... I love your blog and the photographs although for me I am not a fan of making this more difficult :)

    Nicolas - thanks for stopping by and I agree about the similarity

  9. He's dreaming of that toy ...where there is hope there is life...well done