Sunday, August 2, 2009



  1. Hi Sean, I've been away at the beach for a couple of days and inspired by your blog did my best to get some people into my landscapes. I do so enjoy your work.

  2. excellent mood...old men, naked woman and balls play...i'd like to be there

  3. I got the old men ... and the naked woman ... yet forgot to convert boules into balls ... good!

    I wonder though, the reason for the statue in this place ... not in the photo ... but there IRL ...

  4. Thanks Nicolas...

    Joan Elizabeth - I think that is the nicest comment I have ever had - thank you. I enjoy your blog too

    Cornel - always nice to have you visit. I have alot of respect

    Julie - Me too... city is full of them

  5. I think I resume at your blog with my petanque babbling ... ;-). While in France petanque is a 100% men's game, mostly retired older men, but of course the one or other younger might be allowed to play, ;-), in Germany for example it is a game of the younger urban middle class whereas younger might mean up to 50 :-). And men and women alike play it. You can buy petanque sets in every shopping mall. I guess it is the same in Switzerland - even if it might be harder to find a level area, ;-). You should really try it
    - hm, I only think children might find it boring. So not really a family game, :-(
    In London I saw the most exotique version: City guys in their business suits, champagne nearby, playing petanque in a shopping mall after work.

    Did I mention I like playing it? ;-)

  6. Thanks for the babbling Martina.... I am kind of interested in it. I think it looks quite fun and the levels of concentration intrigue me. As for the London guys with champagne in their business suits... that would have a huge amount of cringe factor in it for me. Trust them to go and ruin a perfectly good bonding session by dressing up, sipping chmapagne and pontificating about how much money they have.....

    You didnt mention that you like playing it.... are you allowed to play it..? What do the rules say?