Wednesday, July 29, 2009



  1. Fascinating conversation with Richard. I deliberately take and talk about my photographs to tell a story. But my blog (and all CDPBs) have a different purpose from your blog.

    Compare this image with the old lady hanging out her washing: both show strong emotions in their face. But here the clues are minimal. It could be a hot day. He could be lost in thought. To me however, he is looking upon someone else in the street and disapproving of either their behaviour or, more likely to me, he is diapproving of their person in the way they look.

  2. eh.
    I don't think it really matters if you title it or not.
    It's just a shortcut in getting to know you.
    It might take a little longer for you to reveal yourself if the photos aren't titled,
    but over time - who you are would become revealed in your body of work.
    Isn't that what a blog is - a desire to share a little piece of yourself?
    You expose yourself one way or another.
    I KNOW what I think when I look at this photo, I wanna know what you think.

  3. Sean, keep titling your posts. Many times your photos are quite ambiguous. Your title tells me something of what the photo represents to you...I check it out; if I agree, I will say so, and if not, I will suggest an alternative interpretation.

    Photography is not life. It is one's interpretation of a passing moment; gone now forever. No photograph can capture all the nuances of meaning.

    If a photo strikes you in a certain way, I'd like to know that to see if I am also so inclined. If not, it doesn't matter, but in the end your title and what that represents carries more weight than any other interpretation because you were saw what we can't ever see.

    Nevertheless, one of the joys of photography is that each of us can look at a picture and take away a meaning that makes sense to us. It's not a matter of right or wrong. Those categories don't apply.

    Hope I make a little sense.

  4. I disagree with Julie's analysis (sorry Julie!). Rather than disapproval, it seems like tiredness to me. But I will agree with Julie that he certainly has a critical eye.

  5. The man needs a camera and a blogspot - will put a smile on his face :)

  6. Thank you for the comments.... my post here was not intended to be critical of Richard or even gather support, but rather to get other opinions of those who read my blog. I looked at Richards comments and actually part of me agrees with him... as I said I am going to continue to title but that may change... Go look at Richards blog and see that he clearly is very good at what he does!

  7. Jacob... kinda what I think too. It is an interpretation of what the photographer sees, and even cropping can change that to an extent.

    Freefalling... perhaps I should be clearer about the fact that my comment shouldnt impact what you think... although I am also aware that this is idealistic and it automatically will...

    About the photo... funny thing is that I thought this one was a good candidate for untitled, because I honestly dont know what caused the "look" on his face... no one was near him and I did not see what he was looking at. So perhaps an indifferent shot to say the least, but I agree that he has a critical eye, although my first thoughts were dissapointment or even sadness.

  8. Lets get a blog posse together and git that Richard!

  9. Freefalling... even better, maybe I will try and stalk him, take a picture of him and then title it with my feelings ::)) That'll show 'im.

  10. Actually this is a photograph of me....