Saturday, July 25, 2009



  1. Beautiful place - looks like it is jammed with people :) Like the perspective - you captured the architect's vision perfectly. Cute guy - the one who stood up :)Hope he is a he :)

  2. Now that's cool - very impressive photo. I always love your blurry side :-)

  3. This works on two levels for me: I love the way you have captured the architecture. You must have been above the fray to some extent.

    Then there is what the photograph is saying: the blurriness. You have caused that: it is not just people movement. I keep thinking the squash of Haijj pilgrimage but the clothing is all wrong.

    It is as though the guy at the front is onto you.

    This is a really engrossing image: you done good in Italy!

  4. not so sure about this leaves me pun inteded...great work but it does nothing for me

  5. I am in awe of your photography Sean. I really like this one, as Julie says it has multiple levels of involvement. And yesterday's shot also had me thinking quite a lot of the day ... like the girl I guess.

  6. Thank you for the comments. I was a little unsure of this but liked the guy in front too for his composure in all the noise and chaos...

    Ellie: he is a "he" :)
    Martina: :) Very funny
    Julie: Thank you.. you are right and thanks for the comment
    Baron: If it is one thing I have realised over the past few months is that not everything appeals to everyone.. thank you for the comment and I appreciate the comments and honesty... that works for me more :)
    Mo: Sure is
    Joan Elizabeth: Thank you and comments like that are obviously appreciated... more than most!

  7. Must have been raining tourists who then entrained to this particular corridor...I wonder if was leading the whole time?

  8. Love this one, for me, one of your best. Made mostly by the guy in the front.