Thursday, June 4, 2009



  1. Hello Shaun. Thanks for visiting my site today and commenting. You have captured some fantastic moments in time here.

  2. And all that...jazz... Beautiful picture of a beautiful person who is in harmony with himself and with the water and with the sun...

  3. Hello again, Shaun,

    Just completing the tour! People watching can be more fun than scenery I imagine. I hope you enjoy your change of view.

  4. I too love this capture. May I ask where you took this?

    And as well, where are you originally from? If you include your email in the blogger response, I'll reply via email to you. :)

  5. What a wonderful shot... What a wonderful world
    This one is great

  6. He thinks of his dreams maybe.:)
    It's a great shot. With the water and bridge as background.
    Really good!

  7. SAPhotographs: Thank you for visiting...
    ellievellie: He looked like a sax player
    Derrick: More fun for now but that does change...
    Expat Traveler: Taken on Zurich Lake, near a station called Stadelhofen. I will email you... thanks
    Baron: Exactly::))
    Regina: He is an older guy and nice that you still dream no matter what...
    John: Thanks for the visit and comment

    You will notice this person in the picture below, walking behind the artist.... he made his way to the lake and sat down. I got some nice shots of him, and he looked extremely content just sitting and watching the world go by...

  8. Expat traveller: my email is

  9. Wow. Great shot! This made me smile.

  10. Shaun, this is a very fine portrait.

  11. What A Lovely Capture !! I Really Love Such Photos And Locations !! I Loved Your Blog And Now I Am Your Follower..

  12. Very impressing. What else should I say ... ah ... it is the first one where your subject obviously is not sad ... ;-)

  13. 2sweetnsaxy: I did too.... he was a unique character
    Pietro: Thanks Pietro
    Unseen Rajasthan: Thank you... I appreciate it
    Martina: I think he was contemplative and not giving anything away....:)